The Islip Arts Council: 2012 Teeny Awards


At the 4th annual Islip Arts Council Teeny Awards, high school students wow the audience with outstanding performances and win impressive awards.

By Video Journalists Waldo Cabrera & Stephanie Stern

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The Islip Arts Council celebrates high school theatre at the Teeny Awards.

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Featured Interviews: Steve Flotteron, Councilman, Town of Islip; Jaclyn Neuman, Bayport-Blue Point High School; Shaina Stroh, Islip High School; Brian Cordova, Brentwood High School; Sherrell Cordova, Brian's Mother; Caitlin Hornik, West Islip High School; Mairead Atkinson, Hauppauge High School; Justin Albinder, West Islip High School; Christine Phelan, Hauppauge High School; Isabella Eccleston, Islip High School; Kaytie Barry, Islip High School

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