Infant Massage: Bonding with your Newborn


New moms learn how to bond with their babies at an infant massage class.




By Video Journalist Waldo Cabrera

Young mothers bond with their newborns as they learn special massaging techniques. These techniques are perfect to put your baby to sleep and relax its body after a long day. Not only does this benefit the babies but this is a place were mothers can interact and talk to other new mothers about their experiences and questions. Its a great physical connection with their kids. Mothers feel safe and not alone at Happy and Healthy Pediatrics. The mission is to educate the parents from the time they are pregnant all the way till they are teens. Mothers take their knowledge home and spread it with the fathers and grand parents.

Featured Interviews:

Maureen & Oceane Lagarde

Ashley & Colm Murray

Dr. Elissa Rubin, Pediatrician
Happy and Healthy Pediatrics

Rebecca Kammerer, Founder
Parents "R" Talking

Patti Bigliani, Owner
Wiggles and Giggles Baby Massage

Sarah & Claire Hogan

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