Holocaust Memorial & Tolerance Center's Annual Upstanders Dinner

The Holocaust Memorial & Tolerance Center hosts a Tolerance Benefit Dinner.

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By Video Journalist Waldo Cabrera

The Holocaust Memorial & Tolerance Center honors Long Island high school students who are taking strides in helping people understand each others' differences.

Featured Interviews: Andrea Bolender, co-Chair, Tolerance Benefit Dinner; Howard Maier, Chairman, Holocaust Memorial & Tolerance Center; Boris Chartan, Founder, Holocaust Memorial & Tolerance Center; Don McPherson, Keynote Speaker; Benjamin Kornick, Recipient, Friedlander Upstander Award; Dominick LaFerrera, Recipient, Friedlander Upstander Award; Erika Witover, co-Chair, Tolerance Benefit Dinner

For more information visit: www.Holocaust-Nassau.org

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