The Long Island Flute Club Performs at the Westbury Memorial Public Library

At the Westbury Public Library, the Long Island Flute Club holds its annual Ensemble Concert.  From piccolo to bass, this group of amateurs and professionals make great music together. 

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The Long Island Flute Club holds its annual Fall Ensemble Concert at the Westbury Public Library, where the Long Island Professional Flute Choir plays with the Long Island High School Choir Club.  When the Flute Club began in 1984, flute-playing educators performed only a few concerts.  They now take part in flute competitions, the Flute Festival, the Honors Flute Choir, and the Holiday Flute Choir.  Some of the choir members tell us about the instruments that they play, including the bass flute, alto flute, concert flute, and piccolo.  
Featured Interviews:
Amy Kempton 
Lauren Osnato 
Laura Gustavsen 
Jennifer Haley 
Maritza Feliciano 
Diana Honerkamp 
Meghan Brooks 
Concetta Stevens
Leah Stevens 
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