After 10 Years Jacobs Light Foundation Makes its Final Shipment

Mission accomplished as the Jacob’s Light Foundation makes its final shipment.




Video Journalist Josh Wein

The Jacob's Light Foundation was founded in 2004 in honor of Jacob Samuel Fletcher, who was killed in action in Iraq in 2003.

The foundation began after losing Jacob, but in legacy of his wish to his mother that she send one of his comrades something from home, as he never received anything. To this day, over 637,000 pounds of food and necessities have been sent to our troops overseas. Each box is made personal as volunteers write sincere notes and honor special requests by soldiers.

Founders and volunteers discuss what the foundation means to them and the community as they pack the last boxes in the final shipment.

Featured Interviews:

Dorine Kenney, Founder
Jacob's Light Foundation

David Stempler, Treasurer
Jacob's Light Foundation

John Nystrom, Staff Sergeant
U.S. Army

Gary Cucchi, Board Member
Jacob's Light Foundation

William Schmitz, Commander
State of New York VFW

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