Friends Academy High School

Friends Academy High School       

Friends Academy Quakers

David Gatoux, Athletic Director

270 Duck Pond Road
Locust Valley, NY 11560

"FOUNDED IN 1876 by Gideon Frost for 'the children of Friends and those similarly sentimented,' Friends Academy is a Quaker, coeducational, independent, college-preparatory school for students age three through twelfth grade. Our philosophy is based in the principles of integrity, simplicity, patience, moderation, peaceful resolution of conflict, and a belief that the silence and simple ministry of the "gathered meeting" bring the presence of God into the midst of our busy lives. Friends is committed to developing a diverse community whose members value excellence in learning and growth in knowledge and skills. We are also committed to service and ethical action, and to an understanding that every life is to be explored, celebrated and enjoyed in the spirit of the Religious Society of Friends.

Friends Academy gives its students the foundations of a liberal arts education and the skills required for further studies. In a larger sense, the whole program of the school has as its objective the physical, spiritual, artistic, and emotional development of each student through such non-academic experiences as: meeting for worship; community service and the work program; outdoor education; student-faculty; judiciary board; student publications; student-teaching, peer tutoring and peer education programs; and student committees, clubs and activities board."
- Friends Academy

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