Composer Matthew Fishteyn performs for local fans in Huntington.


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By Video Journalist Waldo Cabrera

The Huntington Public Library presents 18-year old award-winning composer, Matthew Fishteyn.

Featured Interviews:
Matthew Fishteyn, Exquisite Mind

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Walk 97.5 FM co-hosts get in a holiday mood.



Walk FMs Breakast Team of Mark and Cindy try pull a prank on their listeners.

Featured Interviews: Mark & Cindy, co-Hosts

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Elementary school kids learn about business at the Commerce Plaza.


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By Video Journalist Dan Brenner

Commerce Plaza is a place where fifth graders from across Long Island work together to learn the basics of business and finance.

Featured Interviews: Jamie E. Bogenshutz, Executive Director, Commerce Plaza; Melia DiRusso, Teacher; Haley, Isabella, and Guadalupe, Students; Nancy Silverman, Parent

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