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Neal Lewis of the Molloy College Sustainability Institute stresses to us about reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving home energy performance.



Neal Lewis, Sustainability Institute, Molloy College

You know, Super Storm Sandy showed us that Long Island is on the front lines of the negative impacts of climate change.  We believe Long Island should also take the lead in promoting clean energy and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

Now, about 1/3 of our greenhouse gas emissions come from residential energy use.  The good news is that all Long Island homeowners can get free or reduced cost home energy audits.  These audits provide you with information on the energy performance of your home and the measures you can take to improve its efficiency.

Now, once you have a home energy audit, you can take advantage of incentives from LIPA and NYSERDA that will help pay for these improvements and also provide financing.

We have found that on average, Long Island homeowners who go through the program can save about $1,000 a year on their energy bill.

The home energy bill is the way to get started with this program, but having an audit done does not commit you to following through and having any work done at your home.  

So, why not?  Find out about the home energy audits by going to

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