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Marketing and communications specialist Flo Federman describes the process of creating a personal marketing plan.



Flo Federman, Marketing and Communications Executive

A marketing plan for a business is a road map of strategic actions that will lead to long-term success.   

A personal marketing plan is a Marketing Objective, which defines what you want to accomplish.  It can contain measurable goals (like, "I will bring in $50,000 in new business this year"). Or qualitative goals (like, "I will become a recognized expert in my field").  

Next is an Action Plan.  This is where you determine how to spend your time and efforts to achieve your goals.  List out the specific number of phone calls, meetings, or other activities you'll need to do.  

Create a Timeline to give yourself a deadline for these activities, to become more organized and prevent procrastination.

The final piece is the evaluation.  How well did you do in meeting your objectives?  

Personal marketing plans should be evaluated and updated regularly.  No matter what your goals, a personal marketing plan is a means to achieve them.

So get noticed by using this simple tip to stand out in the crowd.

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