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Long Island band The Warden and F.A.M.E. perform at the Vibe Lounge.


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By Video Journalist Waldo Cabrera

     These Bay Shore boys know their way around good music.
     First, The Warden, so named after the warden/custodian of their old studio. Composed of vocalist/guitarist Joe Fucarino, bassist Keith Morse, drummer James DeNatale and Glenn Woodward on keyboards; are a jazz/rock/reggae ensemble with colossal talent and personality.
     Meanwhile, the vivacious and lively Rich F.A.M.E Lacko, serves as emcee, songwriter and front man-rapper. Initially a solo hip-hop act, F.A.M.E became associated with The Warden when the two acts appeared together at a particular performance about a year ago, and, in response to public demand, gradually became more associated as one: a permanent collaboration with double the talent.
     Their original songs include Summertime and The Recipe, and are mainly geared towards what the band is about: partying, having fun, enjoying life, and summertime.
     Among their main influences are Kurt Mayfield, Bob Marley and Sublime. The Warden and F.A.M.E regularly play at local LI and NYC venues, included Loaded Rock Shows (Club Loaded) venues, Bamboozle, Tammny Hall, and Orient Point. They can also be found wherever there is music to be found online, including facebook, iTunes and

Featured Interviews:
Rich F.A.M.E. Lacko, Singer
Joe Fucarino, Singer/Guitar
Glenn Woodward, Keys
Keith Morse, Bass
James DeNatale, Drums

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