My Long Island Family Episode 1 - Breast Milk Depot - M-Power- Unkle Adams-Mermaid Theatre

My Long Island Family



Moms and daughters spend a day together and get M-Powered




Dr. Lauren Macaluso opens Long Island's first Breast Milk Depot in New Hyde Park


Inspirational performer Unkle Adams raps with brentwood kids about cyber bullying


Meet the puppeteers of the Very Hungry Caterpillar at the Landmark on Main Street


Take Out A Minute To Become a minute smarter about breast feeding






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Featured People:

Cami Gallagher

Ginette Reynolds

Trishah Prabhu

Dr. Lauren Gallager

Julie Bouchet-Horwitz

Dr. Lauren Macaluso

Christina Mouroulis

Mathew Gengler

Unkle Adams

Carolyn Baez

Michaelle C. Solages

Simon Rainville

Christine Oakley

Greame Black Robinson



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