TWO MINUTE COMMERCIAL BREAK WORKOUT (Follow Along) Active Healthy Experience (AHX)

Hosted By: Mallory Peterson 

Producer: Waldo Cabrera


Hosted By: Mallory Peterson Producer: Waldo Cabrera Hi I'm Mallory your wellness coach and I love nothing more than finding time in my day to squeeze in a quick little workouts. Late at night I like to chill and relax watch something on TV but the commercial breaks can get a little boring. So I pop onto the ground and I do a quick little core workout. Now if you got that into your nightly routine you'd have six pack abs in no time so follow along each exercise is going to be 30 seconds long. We got four different exercises average commercial breaks about two minutes but of course sometimes they're longer which means you just have to do a little bit more.

First exercise is our bicycle crunch. I want you to lie down on the ground. Take your hands behind your head elbows nice and wide and bring those legs up to a tabletop position and then you're going to twist. Here we go thirty Seconds opposite elbow to opposite knee. Big twist breathing through it — now you want to try to lift that opposite shoulder blade off of the ground and extend those legs. If this is too much for your low back or it becomes too challenging you can just tap your heels and keep it a little bit smaller, but I want you to try to get that nice big twist without yanking on your neck.

We've got five seconds to go that commercial is about to change. All right here we go that next one lie all the way down on the ground legs up and let's go crunch it up and down up and down. So this is basic working through the court and the low and upper abdominals again you're trying to get those shoulder blades all the way off of the ground keeping those legs straight up in the air drive that belly button down into the ground alternatively you could always reach towards those toes.

Sometimes I'd like to pretend I'm climbing a rope that works too just keep breathing through we got about three more seconds left of this boring old commercial all right let's work into those obliques a bit more we have our side plank shoulder over the elbow stack those feet lift those hips dropping those hips down here we go lower down lift all the way up like you got a string pulling though hips up really high try to keep your shoulder over your elbow now if this is too challenging a lower down so that bottom knee do that same exercise but I want you to get that full range of motion we're working into those side obliques big lift lower all the way down big lift and down good job keep it going keep breathing this commercial is almost over we got three two and we have two sides swing it around get ready for that next commercial we know our shows coming back on let's get it done lower and lift good same form shoulder over the elbow lift those hips all the way up get that full extension remember that modification here to lower that bottom knee keep lifting keep your body open squeeze through those obliques I'm feeling my core working a little bit I'm ready for my show to get started a couple more big deep breaths here we go I know it's wrapping up we got three two and one there is nothing better than feeling like you accomplished a little something on one of those lazy nights after a long day give it a try it was only two minutes you're gonna feel great afterwards build this into a habit or a lifestyle and four more exercises or workouts like this follow me on instagram at sway wellness you.

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