Five Fun Events on Long Island SEPT 3 to 9 with Jenny Shep

Happy Labor Day! Let's make this a week-long party


Labor day SEPT 3 – it's your final chance to attend LONG ISLAND'S LARGEST ITALIAN FEAST — The 47TH GREAT FEAST OF MOTHER CABRINI

Celebrate the work of Mother Cabrinin, the patron saint of immigrants. Plus this is the only time all year that every one of NEWTON SHOWs thrill rides are in one location. Don't miss it!



September 8, The Argyle Theatre proudly presents the  50+ Comedy Tour. This is the comedy show 50 years in the making. Featuring a full line-up of top comedians with one thing in common… they’re ALL over the age of 50! 



September 9th The Paramount brings the cool comedy of Norm MacDonald. For years Norm cracked up audiences in Saturday Night Live, Films and TV... and I know he's going to be Hilarious in Huntington.



OZZY Osbourne's PROMISE TO have "no more tours" went so well, he's doing it again. September 8th He's back with “No More Tours 2... Celebrating 5 decades of the Prince of Darkness”


As Summer comes to a close, so does the baseball season for the Long Island Ducks. This is your last week to catch home games. So grab the kids and waddle over the Bethpage Ballpark


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