Backstage with the Winners at the East End Teeny Awards

We talk to some of the East End Arts Teeny Awards' winners as they tell us just how much the awards mean to them.


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By Video Journalist Josh Wein

Go backstage and meet some of the East End Teeny Awards’ winners.

Featured Interviews:

Anita Boyer
Teeny Award Coordinator

Patricia Snyder
East End Arts

Drew Garrison
Best Actor in a Musical

Ramsey Pack
Best Actor in a Musical

David Letteriello
Outstanding Performance in a Play

Meg Pickerell
Outstanding Performance in a Musical

Connor Vaccariello
Best Lead Actor in a Drama

Patrick O'Brien
Best Lead Actor in a Drama

Emily Selyukoba
2014 Judges Choice Award

Sean Mannix
Best Supporting Actor in a Musical

Nicole Chiuchiolo
East End Arts Teeny Awards

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