After Adopting Four Children From Russia, Melissa Pandolf Shares Her Journey

Melissa Pandolf signs her new book documenting her journey after adopting four children.




By Video Journalists Rashiek Smart & Christina Colatutto

Author Melissa Pandolf signs copies of her new book, "The Journey for Mama's Babies," at the Book Revue.

The book tells her real life story of becoming a mother as she adopted four biological siblings from Russia, two of whom are special needs. It details the 3-year adoption process as well as finding out that she suffered from post-adoption depression.

The book began as a journal that she planned on sharing with her children so that they know where they came from, but it is now also meant to bring awareness and help other parents who might have the same experiences.

Featured Interviews:

Melissa Pandolf

Joseph Harbin
Melissa's Father

Sondra Lee Ramos
Melissa's Friend

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