Peter Gusmano Band | Rick's Rising Stars

Rick Eberle presents rising stars The Peter Gusmano Band.


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By Video Journalist Josh Wein

Instrumental guitar rock musicians comprising the Peter Gusmano Band rock the stage at Revolution in Amityville.

Gusmano doesn't just play music, he has a big heart.  After losing his mother years ago to ALS, he has since been dedicated to finding a cure.  He founded Guitar for a Cure, and after creating his album, "A Flickering Light," 100% of the proceeds from the CD are donated to Project ALS, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and finding a cure for ALS.

Featured Interviews:
Peter Gusmano, Peter Gusmano Band &
Ricky Martinez, Peter Gusmano Band
Ethan Meixsell, Peter Gusmano Band

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