By Waldo Cabrera


COVID restrictions threatened to slash Halloween, especially indoor Haunted Houses. The fast-thinking creative team at The Gateway's Haunted Playhouse not only managed to figure out how to create an outdoor Haunted House, but they multiplied the fun by adding a barrage of Halloween.

With each event operating at max capacity or selling out, it is hard to believe that ealier this year, there was even a thought of cancelling Halloween.

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By Waldo Cabrera

Due to the pandemic, the Gateway School for the Performing Arts has seen donations drop significantly. And closing the doors to the acting school is a real possibility. Once the students found out that their "happy place" was in trouble, they put together a campaign that raised thousands of dollars for the school. This gigantic effort by the kids is inspiring the community to dig deep and donate at a time when funds are hard to come by.

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By Waldo Cabrera and Sandy Cabrera



Tony Award winning Kinky Boots, the huge-hearted hit musical, tells the story of two people with absolutely nothing in common—or so they think! Charlie is a factory owner while Lola is a fabulous entertainer. With a little compassion and a lot of understanding, this unlikely pair finds that they have more in common than they ever dreamed possible. Featuring 16 original songs by Cyndi Lauper, and a book by Harvey Fierstein, this joyous sensation “struts its stuff with sparkle, stilettos and heart.”


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Playing Aug 28 - Sept 14 

at Patchogue Theatre

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By Waldo Cabrera


The Gateway Haunted Playhouse is celebrating ten years of Scares by compiling their best best scared ever.


This is an over-the-top production that employs over one hundred cast members. The Gateway Haunted Playhouse ranks among the top haunted houses in the United States. A major reason for that is that The Gateway is an equity theater with experienced entertainers and prop designers.


For them, this an interactive Broadway production.


It takes almost 40 minutes to get through the maze, in addition it is not for the faint of heart. Younger fans can attend the "Not So Scary Haunted House" which eliminates many of the biggest scares.


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