By Waldo Cabrera


The fifth annual Pregnant Island event was held at HANC Plainview and it attracted a new kind of crowd. This year's event focused on educating the entire family, not just parents to be.

The reason for the expanded reach is that raising a child requires much more than just mom and dad. Others that are involved, such as grandparents, uncles and best friends, must be aware of the latest recommendations.




Eleana Kaidanian, Founder

Pregnant Island • 


Michael Mesbah MD

Dawn Plumitallo

Esther Arakanchi

Dr. Kimmy, Pediatric Dentist

Francie Goldberg



By Waldo Cabrera


Saf-T-Swim and The Splish Splash water park once again joined forces to teach hundreds of kids basic swim skills and water safety.


In past years, this event was part of the World's Largest Swim Lesson, but due to scheduling issues and conflicts with local schools schedules, Saf-T-Swim and Splish Splash held the event on a different day.


No matter what day it is held, the lessons taught are extremely valuable. At it's core, it's an effort to prevent drownings by providing kids the tools to needed to avoid accidents around water, and worst case, they learn what to do if they fall in to the water. PlayAmo casino site is the best gambling site in Australia. Take a look at the complete PlayAmo review on . Also claim a deposit bonus on registration and win cash.

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