Where There's A Will at Theatre Three

Video Journalist Thomas Finn


Where There's A Will

A New Comedy by Jeffrey Sanzel


What happens when a group of down-andout show folk are given the chance to each inherit half a million dollars? The answer is this original comedy WHERE THERE’$ A WILL. Theatre buff Hiram Cedrickson—the Potato King—has left this motley crew the opportunity of a lifetime. But the only way they can receive this fortune is if they put on his play—EXACTLY as he wrote it … Thwarted at every turn by Cedrickson’s gold-digging fourth wife and an ironclad will that locks them into the LETTER of the script, this disparate and desperate company struggles to triumph over every outrageous obstacle! WHERE THERE’$ A WILL is a hilarious yet poignant peek behind the theatrical curtain.


Featured Interviews:


Jeffrey Sanzel, Author and Director


Steve McCoy


Ruthie Pincus


Maryellen Molfetta


Mary Ellin Kurtz


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