The I-CON 31 Festival draws Science Fiction and Comic Book Fans to Stony Brook


Comic book enthusiasts enter their own fantasy world at the I-CON 31 Festival.


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By Video Journalist Eric Raimondi

Science fiction fans gather at Stony Brook University for ICON 31.

Featured Interviews: Katrina Lovett, Vice Chair of Marketing, ICON Science Fiction, Inc.; Steven Carabello, Long Island Ghostbusters; "Princess Leia," ICON Fan; Steven Hofheimer, "The Dark Knight"; Victoria Ferremi, "Gothic Lolita Girl"; Kiera Tomasetti, ICON Fan; Kevin Martensen, "The Flash"; Matthew Sarpraicone, ICON Fan; Andy Piver, HiKiKoMoRi Studios; Colin Wessel, Legendary Realms Terrain; Quentin Turner, ICON Vendor

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