Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth's GLBT's Prom Night


Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth celebrates the 12th annual GLBT Prom with proud high school seniors in Centerport.

By Video Journalist Stephanie Stern

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In Centerport, high school seniors spend a special night together at the GLBT’s Prom Night.

For more information visit: Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth at www.LIGALY.org

Featured Interviews: David Kilmnick, CEO, Long Island Gay & Lesbian Youth (LIGALY); Bruce Castellano, Interim President, Long Island GLBT Services Network; Robert Suarez, Assistant VP of Community Development, Bethpage Federal Credit Union; Theresa, Student; Jason & Jenna, Kings Park High School; Emily, North Babylon High School; Cassie, Ward Melville High School; Jonathan & Gustavo, Nassau Community College; Ritz Kraka, Emperor XXI & Witti Repartee, Empress XXVI, Imperial Court of New York; Lyndon Cudlitz, Youth Services Program Coordinator, LIGALY; Janine, Brentwood Freshman Center

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