1st Annual Long Island Kosher BBQ Championship


We get to do our own judging of delicious meats at Long Island's first Kosher BBQ Championship in Westbury.

By Video Journalist Stephanie Stern

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We look for the king of the kosher grill as Temple Beth Torah hosts the first annual Kosher BBQ Championship.

For more information visit: www.LIKosherBBQ.org

Featured Interviews: Harvey Schaffler, Member, Temple Beth Torah; Rabbi Brian Thau, Kosher Supervisor, Long Island Kosher BBQ Championship; Lee Schaffler, Team Member, "4 Moyels & A Bris-ket"; Aimee Holtzman, Founder, Rock CAN Roll; Gloria Safran, President, M'Yad L'Yad: LI's Helping Hands; Emily Wilensky, Communications Coordinator, The INN; Jean C. Victor Jr., Team Member, The INN; Matthew Dickson, Team Member, "Grillin' Tefillin'"; Craig Winawer & Kenny Duftler, Team Members, "The Mob: Mavens of BBQ"; Elan Kornblum, Judge, LI Kosher BBQ Championship; Adam Miller, VP of Food Services, Fairway Market

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