Airplane Enthusiasts Fans visit The Bethpage Federal Credit Union Air Show (2010)

We visit Jones Beach for the 2010 annual Bethpage Federal Credit Union Air Show.

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By Video Journalist Waldo Cabrera

Down on the boardwalk, we meet the Long Islanders that make the Bethpage Federal Credit Union Air Show at Jones Beach an annual family event.

Featured Interviews: Linda Armyn, Senior VP, Bethpage Federal Credit Union; Leon Plotnitzky, U.S. Air Force Retired; Randy Plotnitzky, U.S. Army Veteran; Phyllis Plotnitzky, Leon's Wife; Alyssa & Danielle Groneman, Sue Nicolino, Elaine Marie, Dan & Ann Coughlin, Jim Reardon & William Stoddard, Attendees; Theresa Regnante, President & CEO, United Way of Long Island; Kirk Kordeleski, President & CEO, Bethpage Federal Credit Union; Captain Brian Bews, Canadian Air Force; Staff Sergeant Ray Coba, U.S. Army

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