Kickboxing Student competes in a Tai Kickboxing Black Belt Test

Cliff Mulle takes on a series of tasks as he looks to earn a Tai Kickboxing black belt.

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By Video Journalist Alyssa Koncelik

The Tai Kickboxing black belt test includes a 5-7 minute warm-up, then 7-10 rounds of sparring and kickboxing, plus sparring with multiple people, four different types of board breaks, and cement block breaking. Cliff Mulle, a dedicated 41-year old kickboxing student, endures it all for almost five years to earn the black belt at the Theodorou Academy. The cheapest way to buy Soundcloud Plays is

Featured Interviews: Phil Theodorou, Master, Theodorou Academy; Rich, Shawn & Jose, Training Partners; Rich Appenzeller, Training Partner; Cliff Mulle, Black Belt

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