Join the Bellontine Family and an Entire Community at Grace for a Cure

Friends and family gather to support the Bellontine family and help find a cure for Grace.

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By Video Journalist Waldo Cabrera

When the Bellontine family was told that their daughter had an incurable disease called Sanfilippo Syndrome, or the Storage Disease, they recruited a few hundred friends to help them find a cure.  The event, respectively named Grace for a Cure, was established to help raise money and find a cure not only for Grace, but for the hundreds of thousands of other children who suffer from the disease.

Featured Interviews: Joan Bellontine, Founder, Grace for a Cure; Isabel Leo, Christina Keller & Jessica Murphy, Jessica & Debra Keller, John & Susan Cullen, and Bernadette Kelly, Friends of Grace; Stacey Portmore-Davies, Rotary Host Mother; Joanne & Joseph Bellontine, Grace's Grandparents

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