Improv Class improves business skills and, of course, makes you funnier.

In Huntington the rule at Gary Smith's NY Entertainment Club is to expect the unexpected at his weekly improv class. Professionals from all walks of life join the madness in an effort to sharpen their interactive skills on stage and in business.

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By Video Journalist Alyssa Koncelik

Comedians at Gary Smith's Entertainment Club in Huntington tell us what it's like doing improv and performing for audiences.  One of the instructors took the class 20 years ago with professional comedians Kevin James and Gary Valentine.  One lesson they teach you at the class: Life is improv.  People attending these sessions come from all walks of life, including business and sales, massage therapists, and those who just want to better their relationships with others.  At the NY Entertainment Club, there is no pressure to perform; people get comfortable and excited to stand up in front of the rest of the class and do whatever pops into their head.

Featured Interviews: Al Isaacs, Instructor; Scott Baker, Instructor; Gary Smith, Owner, NY Entertainment Club; Louise Campbell, Alan Kimbarow, John Kurtz, Kevin Cooper, Betty Tucker, and Pat Tropea, Students

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