The Creative Team at The EGC Group participates in their 6th annual Create-A-Thon for Charity

The creative team at The EGC Group puts their talent to work for a good cause.


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By Video Journalist Dan Brenner

While most ad campaigns and slogans take months to prepare, The EGC Group pulls an all-nighter for the sixth year in a row to create campaigns for local deserving organizations.

This year, such organizations include The INN and AHRC Workforce, which are dedicated to improving life on Long Island for those in need.

For The EGC Group, sleep is overrated when it comes to doing a good deed.

Featured Interviews:
Nicole Larrauri, Managing Partner, The EGC Group
Rich DeSimone, Creative Director, The EGC Group
Cynthia Sucich, The INN
Christina Murgola, AHRC Nassau
Jackie Candelas, Web Designer, The EGC Group
Stephanie Steudte, Account Services, The EGC Group

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