The Middle Country Public Library presents: Painting with Pastels

In the Middle Country Library, aspiring artists get a lesson in cityscapes and in the use of oil pastels.

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By Video Journalist Waldo Cabrera

At the Middle County Library, oil pastel instructor Wil Cuba tells us about a beginners workshop where students learn one-point perspective, drawing and identify shapes and structures in cityscapes.  

Oil pastels are a crayon-version of oil paints, so they are great for shading.  Cuba says that while some people are very comfortable drawing and shading with a pencil, they have trouble painting.  Therefore, it's an advantage using a oil pastel, as it is almost like paint, but can be used like a pencil.  Pastels give you more vibrant colors and hues, and you can mix different colors very easily.  

In the second day of the workshop, Cuba plans to show students how to work with the middle ground and the background.  On the third day, they will work even more with the pastels.  

Featured Interviews:
Wil Cuba, Instructor
Jeanie, Art Student

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