Old Bethpage Village Celebrates 1863 Thanksgiving

At the Old Bethpage Restoration Village, we go back in time to see how Long Islanders celebrated Thanksgiving in 1863.  From preheating a beehive oven for four hours to spinning chicken on a string, preparing a family feast was not easy, but it sure was delicious. 

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We visit the Old Bethpage Village Restoration in Old Bethpage for an 1863 Thanksgiving.  This is the year that President Lincoln declared it a national holiday.  Village residents show us "modern" utilities, including a washing machine, stove, a beehive oven, and an oven that heats up in under an hour.  They also demonstrate how a tin oven works, as well as cooking a spinning chicken on a string.

Featured Interviews:
Henry Clark, Old Bethpage Village 
Doris Locker
Christine Scott, Old Bethpage Village
Bob Mesard, Old Bethpage Village 
Laura Loud, Old Bethpage Village
Luke and Grace Brunswick
Beth Chamberlain, Old Bethpage Village
Celene Calvagna
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