Long Island Fight For Charity

In Melville, Long Island business professionals lace up their boxing gloves and take one in the chin as they raise money for charity. The money raised went to help three local charitable organizations.

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A total of 24 Long Island business professionals take part in the 7th Annual Long Island Fight for Charity. Both men and women trained for months before the event, happily sparring for charity. They fight for the Genesis School, the Long Island Community Chest, and Family Residence Enterprises. The event was founded by Jeff Cohen, who hopes to raise close to $200,000 this year for all the different charities. 

Featured Interviews:
Paul Hyl, Charity Boxer
Tony Fortunato, Trainer
John Starks, New York Knicks
Greg Aramanda, Charity Boxer
John Signorile, Referee
Vikram Rajan, Fan
John Brady, Charity Boxer
Carol Merritt, Fan 
Chuck Merritt, Charity Boxer
Andrea Goshorn, Aerialist 
Jeff Cohen, Fight for Charity Co-Founder
For more information visit: www.lifightforcharity.com

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