El Grupo Del Patio (Watagatapitusberry) with Ana Maria at the La Fiesta FM Studios

What is WataGataPitusBerry? It’s a crossover pop song with an infectious beat and nonsensical lyrics. La Fiesta’s Ana Maria catches up with Del Patio to talk about this chart-busting phenomenon. 

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La Fiesta 98.5 FM radio station host Ana Maria catches up with Del Patio, the two singers responsible for the popular song "WataGataPitusBerry."  The song is a Spanish remake of "Put Your Drinks Up."  It is now #7 on the Billboard Top 20.  

Featured Interviews:
Ana Maria, La Fiesta FM Radio Personality 
Zaweso, Del Patio
Sesato, Del Patio
For more information visit: www.DelPatio.net and www.lanuevafiesta.mfbiz.com.

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