Bohemia Lighted Parade with the Islip Horsemen's Association

In Bohemia, the Islip Horsemen’s Association light up the night and their horses at the annual Lighted Parade. 

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The Islip Horsemen's Association holds its annual Lighted Parade in Bohemia. Fire trucks strung with hundreds of Christmas lights drive down the street, followed by snowmen on rollerblades and children dressed as gingerbread men. Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Brownies also walk down the street in their homemade costumes hoping to win a prize. It just wouldn't be a Christmas parade, though, without Santa, who comes by in the very end. 

Featured Interviews:
Tom Mele, Islip Horsemen's Association 
Wendy Burling, Islip Horsemen's Association
Luann Regensburg, Leader, Cub Scout Pack 438
Linda Niles, Cub Scout Pack 438
Nicole Frances, Leader, Girl Scout Juniors 712 
Luise Buchanan, Brownie Troop 273
Denise Shannon, Brownie Troop 273 
Gina Lamb
Diana Tobin
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