Splashes of Hope at Make-A-Wish Foundation

In a role reversal, Suffolk County’s Make-A-Wish Foundation gets their wish fulfilled. Their corporate office walls were splashed or decorated by Heather and her team of artists at Splashes of Hope. 

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The Make-A-Wish Foundation has helped many people suffering from life-threatening illnesses. One such person is young Rafaello Carone, whose wish was to see a volcano erupt. The Foundation brought Rafaello and his whole family to Hawaii to fulfill that wish. Splashes of Hope, a non-profit organization of artists, gave the whole Foundation a wish of its own. They painted the Make-A-Wish offices with images of young boys and girls getting their wish of going to Disney and meeting celebrities. On average, the Foundation grants 125 wishes per year in Suffolk County alone.  

Featured Interviews:
Rafaello Carone
Joseph Carrieri 
Andrea Carone
Karine Hollander, President CEO, Make-A-Wish Foundation of Suffolk County 
Heather Buggee, Founder, Splashes of Hope
Catherine Brow, Make-A-Wish Foundation Volunteer
Patricia Gentile 
For more information visit: www.makeawish-suffolkny.org.

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