Children's Day of Giving at Little Flower

ActivEntrepreneur Jennifer Ross joins local moms and their kids at Little Flower Children Services in Wading River for a day of sharing and giving. 

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ActivEntrepreneur Jennifer Ross visits Little Flower Children's Services in Wading River.  It is a residential treatment center for children from different placements all over the five bouroughs.  Little Flower houses over 1,500 children and has its own freestanding school so that the kids can learn on campus.  On this particular day, Jennifer Ross talks with the parents and teaches the kids how to decorate their little chocolate houses with candy.  

Featured Interviews:
Jennifer Ross, ActivEntrepreneur 
Sharon Condon, Recreation Volunteer Coordinator 
Rob Casazza, Child Care Worker
Wayne Cummings, Child Care Worker
Alfredo Viera, Volunteer
Rob Kukta, Volunteer
Irene and Valerie, Volunteers
Pamela Salamone, Volunteer
DJ Olsen, Volunteer
Tanay Karnik, Volunteer
Patrick Salamone, Volunteer
Christine Olsen, Volunteer
Rahoul Karnik, Volunteer
Nat Malfa, Volunteer
Dylan Kos
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