Mixing Business and Pleasure at Dave and Buster's

Join Long Island movers and shakers as they mix business and pleasure at LIMBA's Karaoke Night Networking Event. 

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LIMBA heads to Dave & Buster's for a Karaoke Networking Night. As social events seem to make for better business interactions, men and women from different businesses connect while singing karaoke and dancing the night away. Some participating companies include Louis Marketing Group, Pro-Image Group Inc, Jungle Bob's Reptile World, and the Huntington Independence Party.  
Featured Interviews: 
Linda Louis, Louis Marketing Group
Ernie Fazio, LIMBA
Rick Portes, Pro-Image Group, Inc. 
"Jungle" Bob Smith, Jungle Bob's Reptile World 
Steve Schwimmer, Renaissance Services
Kenneth Bayne, Chairman, Huntington Independence Party
For more information visit: www.limba.net.

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