Ladies Shake their Skills at the Harem Belly Dance Event

Baldwin’s Harem Belly Dance Studio members show off their midriff magic at the Harem Night Party in Oceanside. 

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The Harem Belly Dance Studio hosts its showcase event at the Harem Night Party in Oceanside.  All students and teachers, as well as some guests, dance in the show, proudly displaying their midriffs and jewels for all to see.  One of the dancers tells us some brief history of harem dancers: a harem is a group of women waiting for the Sultan to call on them, and they would dance to entertain each other.  During the event, musicians play music from Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, and Turkey.  Belly dancing is more than just fun; it's a great form of aerobics.  
Featured Interviews:
Aviva Khadra, Harem Belly Dance Studio
Latifa, Harem Belly Dance Studio
Isis, Harem Belly Dance Studio
Toni Marie Gasparro, Lotus Fire
Casey Bond, Harem Belly Dance Studio 
Carmine Guida, Musician 
Sharon "Saiya", Harem Belly Dance Studio
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