Riverhead Jazz Band and Show Choir

In Martha Clara Vineyards, the Riverhead Jazz Band and Choir show off their musical skills to a room full of proud friends and family. 

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The Riverhead Jazz Band and Show Choir perform for family and friends in Martha Clara Vineyards.  Both the Junior Varsity band, grades seven through ten, and the Chamber Orchestra, grades seven through nine, play at the event.  The conductor and music teachers tell us what it is like teaching the kids and auditioning them for the band.  Some of the band members share what it's like playing the violin among the other instruments.  If one student doesn't play just right, the whole sound will sound off.  We also catch up with the show choir, who teach us the difference between singing alto and soprano.
Featured Interviews:
Crystal Crespo, Jazz Band Director
Regan Burns, Chamber Orchestra Director 
Amy Methben, Student 
Tiandra Jenkins, Student 
Kathleen Vlacci, Parent 
David Vlacci, Student 
Jess Sisti, Student 
Nadine Greenberg, Show Choir Director 
Charles Harrison, Grandfather
Bethany Liddle, Student 
Carolyn Vanston, Parent 
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