Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue and Adoption Center in Port Jefferson Station, NY

After rescuing hundreds of animals over the years, Save-a-Pet founder Dori Scofield was the one that needed to be rescued.  She tells of the day that her house burned down and how the community rallied behind her. 

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In 2000, Dori Scofield opened Save-a-Pet Animal Rescue and Adoption Center in Port Jefferson Station. Since then, she has saved over 8,000 dogs and cats.  While she was out one day, someone told her that her house was on fire.  She ran home, but nothing could save her seven dogs and four cats from dying in the fire.  Even after that horrible tragedy, she still had horses, rabbits, chickens, and eight cats to look after on the property.  She lived with her husband and four kids in a trailer for a year following the accident.  Thousands of residents in nearby communities sent her cards and showed their support.  Eventually, Scofield was able to get a new home with her family and pets, and even took in three new dogs.  
Featured Interview:
Dori Scofield, Founder, Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue 
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