Boy Scout Troop 371 Celebrates Their 40th Anniversary

After going down to just two members, Boy Scout Troop 371 stands strong as they celebrate their 40th anniversary at St. Luke's Parish in Brentwood. 

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Boy Scout Troop 371 celebrates its 40th Anniversary at St. Luke's Church in Brentwood.  There used to be over 30 units, or troops, which has greatly declined.  The Boy Scouts is about learning skills to become a better person.  In their activities, they include life skills, career skills, and woodlands, which can help these boys become better citizens.  They are able to go camping and backpacking, while learning public speaking, time management, leadership, and responsibility.  Families of the Boy Scouts come to watch as they celebrate, and tell us how great it has been for them growing up.  Being in the Boy Scouts or Cub Scouts has helped bring families closer since it gives them something to do together and support one another in.   
Featured Interviews: 
Jason Klosowicz, Boy Scout Troop 371 Leader 
Steve Flotteron, Councilman, Town of Islip 
Roy Ferrara, Roy Jr. Ferrara
Amy, Emily, Christopher Maldonado and Dan Vasquez 
Michael Grant, Director, Grant Funeral Homes 
Roland Jimenez, Brentwood School Board Member 
Jennifer Perkins, Troop 371 Committee Member 
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