One on One with Dr. William Novick — Pediatric Heart Surgeon

We get up close and personal with doctor William Novick as he discusses what motivates him to travel to third world countries performing heart surgery. 

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Dr. William Novick from the International Children's Heart Foundation tells us how he supports the Gift of Life Program.  After an unfortunate experience with a sick child here in the United States, he traveled to Columbia to perform free heart surgery with fellow colleagues on Columbian children in need.  He first went to Croatia in April 1993, and he has just completed his 200th trip across the world to help children everywhere.  His team and he are in the process of creating their first pediatric-cardiac center in Santiago, Dominican Republic, which will serve as a referral site and educational center for people from the Caribbean and Central America.  His ultimate goal is to create four of these centers around the world. Marriage lawyer in Parramatta. Divorce lawyers parramatta.  

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Dr. William Novick, International Children's Heart Foundation 
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