Tour Some Great Tail-Wagging Art at Boonton's Dog Daze of Summer

Go on a family day trip and visit the Boonton Dog Daze of Summer art exhibit.


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By Video Journalist Waldo Cabrera

Take a look at some different types of dogs at Boonton, New Jersey's Dog Daze of Summer art exhibit.

Local artists display their collective 34 dog sculptures along Main Street, all with different designs and themes.

This art event aims to help animals in need, and benefits the Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter in East Hanover, New Jersey.

Boonton is a very artistic city, rich in history and culture.  If you're looking to go on a day trip with your family, this place is not-so-far and promises relaxation and artsy inspiration.

Featured Interviews:
Jon Martinez, Boonton Dog Daze Design Committee
Kristy Brucale-Jach, Boonton Dog Daze Design Committee
Michael Weinfeld, Artist
Steven C. Fleich, Artist
Suzanne Roman, Mount Pleasant Animal Shelter
Francesca Laurenzi, Quality Consignments
Katja van der Loo, Papyrus Home Design
Cyril Wekilsky, Mayor, Boonton, NJ

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