Greenport's Annual Maritime Festival - Craft Beers, Oysters and Lots of Food

Greenport celebrates Summer with its annual Maritime Festival.


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By Video Journalist Waldo Cabrera

Long Island's East End celebrates the 24th annual Greenport Maritime Festival with fresh local seafood, live music, and Greenport brews.  Nearly 40,000 visitors also enjoy craft vendors and tours to the Bug Lighthouse.  

Featured Interviews:
Ron Breuer, Chairman, East End Seaport Museum
William VanHelmond, North Fork Chamber of Commerce
Richard VanDenburgh, co-Owner, Greenport Harbor Brewing Company
Nate Phillips, Manager, Alice's Fish Market
Karen Rivara, Owner, Aeros Cultured Oyster Company
Robby Beaver, Chef Owner, The Frisky Oyster

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