Allied Physicians Group: Uniting to Stay Independent

Allied Physicians hold their first conference in Garden City with YouTube gangster rapper ZDoggMD.



By Video Journalist Josh Wein

Allied Physicians Group is a complete physician-owned and operated medical practice located on Long Island.

When they were first established, they worked primarily in pediatrics but now have branched out to adult care.

A Las Vegas-based doctor, Dr. Zubin Damania, has also created a group with an ultimate goal of bringing physicians closer to their patients. He creates parody music videos to entertain and educate patients across the country.

Featured Interviews:

Dr. Gary Mirkin, CEO
Allied Physicians Group

Dr. Zubin Damania, CEO & Founder
Turntable Health

Dr. Kerry Fierstein, Chief Medical Officer
Allied Physicians Group

Dr. Arthur Klein, President
Mount Sinai Health Network

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