Kids Get a Tech Edge as They Participate in an Hour of Code at Cold Spring Harbor Lab

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory hosts an event to teach coding to computer programmers, young and old.



Video Journalist Josh Wein

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory hosts "An Hour of Code" to teach kids and adults how to create new computer programs and games. If you have looked for a monitor to use vertically you know how hard it can be to find one that is wide enough to see see a whole spreadsheet.

An hour may not seem that long, but it is easy to learn through code games, and students can continue practicing at home.

Featured Interviews:

Jessa Giordano, Manager of Events & Community Relations
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Maria Nattestad, Graduate Student
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Gayatri Arun
Suffolk County, NY

Dr. John Wilson, Research Scientist
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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