Hometown Heroes Concert Honors Local Tuskegee Airmen at Heckscher State Park

Hometown heroes are honored with a concert at Heckscher State Park.




Video Journalist Samantha Butler

The Islip Arts Council hosts a concert at Heckscher Park to celebrate local military heroes, including the Tuskegee Airmen. We even get to sit down with some of the original airmen as they tell us what it was like in the 1940s, during the war, as African Americans.

The Atlantic Wind Symphony and Swingtime Big Band perform some of their American jazz classics before a fantastic Grucci fireworks show.

Featured Interviews:

Lynda Moran, Executive Director
Islip Arts Council

Steve Shaiman, Band Leader
Swingtime Big Band

Julius Freeman
Documented Original Tuskegee Air Man

Audley Coulthurst, Radio Operator
Tuskegee Air Man

Richard Braithwaite
Tuskegee Air Man

For more information visit: www.IslipArtsCouncil.org


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