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Laura Lynch shares a fun hands-on art activity that the whole family could enjoy. 



Hello, I'm Laura Lynch, Director of Education at the Nassau County Museum of Art.  I'd like to share a fun hands-on art activity that the whole family could enjoy.  

Have family members create a family portrait using their favorite objects from around the house. For example, toys, stuffed animals, food items, a vase anything of interest.

Discuss with your child the significance of the choice.  Did the object remind him or her of someone?  Is the color special?   

After a discussion about the significance of their chosen things, the adult and child can assemble and draw the objects in a still life using available art materials you have at home.  This is a great way to talk about the importance of family and learning how to use your imagination.  

So get inspired and keep the arts alive in your child's life.

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