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The Suffolk County Water Authority's Chief Sustainability Officer tells us how to properly dispose of waste in order to protect Long Island's drinking water.



Carrie Meek Callagher, Chief Sustainability Officer, Suffolk County Water Authority

Do you know where your water comes from?

No it's not upstate, or the city, its right underneath your feet!

All of Nassau and Suffolk County get their drinking water from porous underground sand and gravel formations called aquifers. That's why chemicals spilled on our driveways, put on our lawns and poured down the drain go right into our water supply.

Nature filters out some contaminants and water suppliers spend hundreds of millions of dollars on drinking and waste water services, but trace amounts of some chemicals still remain.

That's why it's important to properly dispose of your household hazardous waste and pharmaceuticals by taking them to a disposal site near you. It's your job to help protect our drinking water!

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