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Corinne Hammons of the Community Development Corporation of Long Island discusses the importance of affordable housing to keep our communities on Long Island.



Corinne Hammons, Executive VP, Community Development Corporation of Long Island

Long Island is at a crossroads.  Our economy is struggling and we are losing our most valuable asset -- our well-educated next generation.  How do we solve these issues? One solution:  Housing.

Long Island needs affordable housing to attract innovative workers, and to encourage their children to stay here.  When my husband and I were deciding where to live, we considered several parts of the country.  We chose to live, work and raise our daughters on Long Island -- and we want others to join us!

I am proud to work for the Community Development Corporation of Long Island, an organization that is committed to meeting the needs of people and businesses to foster vibrant, equitable and sustainable communities.  Since 1969, CDCLI has helped develop over 1,000 units of affordable housing for our neighbors and colleagues.

How can you help? You can welcome affordable housing in your own community.  Let's work together to make sure that Long Island is a place that anyone can call home.

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