Mindy Wolfle: Don't Forget the Grammar When Promoting Your Business Online | A Minute Smarter

Marketing professional Mindy Wolfle stresses the importance of proper writing skills among business professionals.




Mindy Wolfle, Chief Marketing Officer, Armao LLP

Succinct, persuasive and professional writing skills are a must regardless of one's profession or level of responsibility.

With today's instantaneous communications via social meda, people are careless about writing standards.

Chat acronyms, text shorthand and emoticons are just fine when communicating with friends. But the same is not true when an email is constructed to convey business information, which requires a certain standard of writing.

There is a level of formality that should be maintained in business writing, regardless of the medium used to convey the message. So be it an email, a printed and mailed letter, a cover letter to a resume or proposal, or any other business communication, grammar, punctuation, the proper tense, and everything we learned in grade school is still essential.

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