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Web developer Jake Siegel tells audiences a great way to start building their own websites.



Jake Siegel, Web Developer & Programmer

I am a Web Developer and also teach people how to use computers and build websites.

Today's subject will be regarding building websites without having to dig too deep into your wallet.  

There are MANY solutions to building your website.  I am going to tell you about an inexpensive solution that can get you up and running in less than an hour.

For every day people who are looking to get their businesses on the web, with very little experience in web design, I suggest using an online website building tool or template which will make things much easier to work with.  Based on the templates I have been working with recently, and the ease of use, I would suggest a company like Squarespace.  The templates look stellar and the online design tool is simply a point and click setup and you can have your site up and running in a matter of 30 minutes. As every professional programmer will know, working can be made much easier by getting a monitor that is well suited for programming .

To get started building your page, go to Squarespace.com, choose a template, fill out your registration info such as your name and email address and your ready to go.  Just fill out some information about your organization and you are live on the web.

For more info, go check out JakeSiegel.com and I'll give you a few more tips that you can use to help you even further.

So get noticed by using this simple tip to stand out in the crowd.

For more information visit: www.JakeSiegel.com

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